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Grimm's Fairy Tales

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Grimm's Fairy Tales¡GGroup 2

31The Elves 32The Robber Bridegroom
33Herr Korbes 34The Godfather
35Frau Trude 36Godfather Death
37Fitcher's Bird 38The Juniper Tree
39Old Sultan 40The Six Swans
41Little Brier-Rose 42Foundling-Bird
43King Thrushbeard 44Little Snow-White
45Rumpelstiltskin 46Sweetheart Roland
47The Little Peasant 48The Three Feathers
49All-Kinds-Of-Fur 50The Hare's Bride
51The Twelve Huntsmen 52The Wolf and the Man
53The Fox and the Cat 54Clever Gretel
55The Old Grandfather and His Grandson 56The Water Nixie
57Hans in Luck 58The Singing, Springing Lark
59The Goose-Girl 60Old Hildebrand