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Efendi's Humour

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Efendi's Humour¡GGroup 5

121Let Them See Me Trading 122Thank God
123Female Calamity 124Didn't Know How To Land Properly
125I Know What I'll Do 126Taste The Same
127Duck Soup 128Earth's Balance
129If I Were On It 130If It Is Up To The Turban And The Robe
131Then, Where Is The Cat 132Remembered It's Childhood
133Have It Pulled Out 134With This Huge Bowl
135Charge For Ten Days 136Force You To Eat
137Not To Leave His Head 138To Climb Hills
139A Pan Of Baklava 140The Quilt Is Gone And The Fight Is Over
141Look What You Gave 142Eat, My Fur Coat, Eat!
143Tried Hard But... 144Such Big Mistakes
145I Was In It 146Let Us Die, Too
147Run to The Lake 148Out Of Embarrasament
149Those Who Know Teach 150Settle For Nine