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Efendi's Humour

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Efendi's Humour¡GGroup 4

91Porter 92Lost Coin
93The Kiss 94Account Book
95Old Inn 96Elephant
97Petty Criminal's Punishment 98Pots Full of Gold
99How to Save a Man 100ILL OMEN
101Ox and the Crock 102Holy Man's Advice
103Smart Shopper 104Call the Doctor
105Drunk Soldier 106Consolation
107Delinquent Ox 108Laundry Day
109Naive Students 110Day of the Month
111Ascension 112Everyone Who Sees The Light
113Forty year Old Vinegar 114Mortal's Way
115How A Donkey Reads! 116We Are Even
117Inexperienced Nightingale 118No Need For So Much Fuss
119Should Have His Own Donkey 120What If It Happens