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Efendi's Humour

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Efendi's Humour¡GGroup 3

61Tray of Baklava 62Donkey vs Horse
63Candle Light 64Easy Money
65Scientific Meeting 66Distributing Grapes
67Dates 68Full House
69Vinegar 70Tax Collector
71Debt 72Naughty Boy
73Invited 74Fur Coat
75Novice Barber 76Cow Ruined the Vegetable Garden
77Hard Cash 78Building a Minaret
79Pitcher 80Make-up
81Difficult Case 82Payment
83Caught in a Lie 84Quail Feast
85Recipe 86Home Economics
87No Rush 88Reading Lessons for the Donkey
89Neighbour's Donkey Gave Birth 90Quilt (Yorgan)