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Efendi's Humour

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Efendi's Humour¡GGroup 2

31It Is Dark In There 32The Broth Of The Broth
33Who Needs The Soap More! 34With The Luck You Brought
35The Feeling Of Finding 36Then You'll See
37Who Is Going To Sell The Pickles? 38Look Like A Bird
39Funeral Is Coming To Our House 40I Will Never Mingle Into Your Affairs
41Was Just Getting Used To 42Was Going To Get Down Anyway
43Every Time I Got On 44Either You Have Never Been Whipped
45Delicious Stew 46Bread and Yogurt
47On the Roof 48Cauldron
49Pivotal Point 50Helva Blues
51Watermelon vs Walnut 52Gift Rabbit
53First Sermon 54How much longer?
55Hammam 56Parrot
57Intermingled 58Doomsday
59Age 60Overblown