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Efendi's Humour

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Efendi's Humour¡GGroup 1

Life of Hodja Efendi
1Witness 2Protecting the Minaret
3How To Ride a Donkey 4Slap
5The Power of the Turban 6Two Onion Stalks
7Young Muezzin 8In Arabic
9Interest 10Donkey on Fire
11Big Spoon vs Small Spoon 12Old Moons
13Down the Stairs 14Cost of Feeding the Donkey
15Playing the Saz 16How to Punish the Wolf
17Hot Soup 18Degree of Grievance
19Getting into Trade 20Gift for Timur
21Thief with a Good Heart 22The Crow and the Wash Day
23Small Barn 24Cash Money
25Make Stars 26Just An Ordinary ...
27If The Angel Of Death Comes 28Center Of The Earth
29Smoke Seller 30What's Keeping You