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Andersen Fairy Tales and stories

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Andersen Fairy Tales and stories¡GGroup 3

61The Golden Treasure 62The Goloshes of Fortune
63The Great Sea-Serpent 64The Happy Family
65The Ice Maiden 66The Jewish Maiden
67The Jumper 68The Last Dream of the Old Oak
69The Last Pearl 70The Little Elder-Tree Mother
71The Little Match-Seller 72The Little Mermaid
73The Loveliest Rose in the World 74The Mail-Coach Passengers
75The Marsh King's Daughter 76The Metal Pig
77The Money-Box 78The Neighbouring Families
79The Nightingale 80The Old Bachelor's Nightcap
81The Old Church Bell 82The Old Grave-Stone
83The Old House 84The Old Street Lamp
85The Pea Blossom 86The Pen and the Inkstand
87The Philosopher's Stone 88The Phoenix Bird
89The Porter's Son 90The Portuguese Duck